Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Part Deux

The course was pretty immense to be fair. I was delivered a new shiny Vauxhall Corsa from Drive Assist. I thought the deal was too good to true, and I gulped pretty loudly when I realised for 22 days it would cost me, or the 3rd party's insurer a collosal £1500!

Other than this, one person made my course. Her name shall not be posted publicly because we share something special - but as always, life throws its obstacles in its way!

Throughout the course, I, along with the other guys I work with intended on having a good laugh - as per the norm on a 10 day course! One night, the decision was made to engage in a drinking game and it was a highly innocent thing as far as we were concerned.

The morning after, I was approached and quizzed about the night before. Answering all the questions perfectly well, I was told to carry on with my day. Later that day however, things got very bad indeed - and as the events unfolded, it left me with a scar on my life. And obviously, I won't be naming any names and I won't be going into any detail, simply to protect myself.

All in all, my friend and colleague was sacked and I was on the line of being sacked - instead, the grounded me. But it was all over-the-top I think. Sacking someone who works hard, and considering sacking another hard worker due to a drinking game.

It didn't have any affect on the morning or day after simply because I woke up on time, got to where I needed to be on time, and worked hard as always without any problems whatsoever - but they decided on this occasion they would blow the situation out of the water and make a mountain from a mole hill!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

It has been a while...

I notice that I haven't been able to post anything for a good while now, a month or so now maybe? But that shouldn't matter now as I'll put that behind me and try to start posting again as frequently as I used to.

The reason for my "break"? Well, I have been a very busy man, primarily failing at job hunts and spending a lot of time at RAF Cosford working on the flight line. In addition to this, I also crashed my car which caused me a lot of hassle!

I'll start from the 10 day course at RAF Cosford where I was occupied for the start of my break in posting and this starts a special 3-part story which will finish in, funnily enough, 3 posts time!

Now, the drive to Cosford was epic. I had a good friend in the passenger seat and because of the V Festival going on, we chose to head to cosford using the beautiful English countryside and it is worth saying that I haven't seen such beautiful roads before. The sun was shining, and I was doing 60mph on a hillside country lane overlooking a valley.

It really was heaven and both myself and Jack were really enjoying what we were seeing, mutually agreeing on having found the best road in England. Little did I know that this epic journey was about to turn into a Journey from Hell.

Fast forwarding through the journey to the point where we were just 2 minutes away from reaching our destination of RAF Cosford and I was driving down a very familiar road to me, and having known how dangerous the road is, I slowed my speed down to a sensible speed and was keeping happily to the highway code as I drove round blind bends.

Little to my knowledge that on the most dangerous corner of Neachley Lane, a large flatbed truck was reversing around it. I slammed on my breaks but it was just too late and a distint crunch was heard. At this point in time, I sat there thinking "shit." and Jack decided to say "oh Luke..."

We got out to check the damage and the best way to explain the damage to you without boring you phenomenally is to just give you the minimum estimated cost of the repairs for the damage to my vehicle...


I maintain that it wasn't my fault, as the truck driver didn't have anyone to marshall him around the blind bend. Twat.
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